Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cookies and Kisses

Streak Start: 1

Yeah! I’m pole dancing around my “1”! But then again, is this simply going to be another first date only?

The Mister is not in a very popular mood tonight. Extra coffee and cookies will probably sway the boat. I hear they are very good for recovering from hernia repair surgery.

I had all kinds of Grown Up duties to tend to today and therefore never did get to put the proper amount of research into my winning 50K for this month. GOOD LORD that’s a great truffle!!! I’m hanging out doing that whole cyber serious thing, moving haybales and trees around on my Farmville and eating truffles.

So the only pick I’ve made today has come after watching the dog poop three times today, locking the chickens back up for the night and wondering why it seems like the Olive Garden dumped off all their dishes in my sink after the dinner rush.

Basically I’m wearing a t-shirt that says, All I Got to Pick Was a Lousy Hockey Game. After swapping back and forth I decided on taking the Phoenix Coyotes at home vs the Columbus Blue Jackets. The brewing Grandbaby lives in Arizona….so in hindsight that’s why I really chose them. Otherwise it was file under Girl Reasons – what’s cuter, a blue jacket or a coyote? More dangerous? Edgy?

Hoping tonight is the night that I dream of Ark de Noah and how his journey was brought to you by the number 2.

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