Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've Been Vandalized

Streak Start: This “1” really brings out the blue in my eyes.

So I’ve ignored Streak for a day….thinking it might miss me a little if I played hard to get. Perhaps it would accidentally bump me to a 10 even though I haven’t played. But apparently the Streak has enough Fawning Admirers and although I have my special place in its moody heart, I can’t be the center of its universe at this point. I mean, how can I when we get stuck on first dates?

I choose with careful confidence where our next date will take place. I know I’ve got my No Rooting for Texas rule. However, TWO Texas teams were going to share the nets today…Baylor Bears at Texas Tech Red Raiders. I don’t remember why I ended up choosing to court Baylor, but they won. My validation for choosing Texas? Texas vs. Texas means Texas will also lose.
It worked for now….I’m nervously hanging out with a 2. Two is hanging out? What? Is that legal?

A tough call looking at the Miami Hurricanes who are going to cross the Clemson Tigers threshold. In these cases, it seems to make sense to choose the home team. This could very well come back to bite me and swallow my 2 (hmmm….might not be such a bad thing). We shall see. I do like Tigers though. But I’ve met more Hurricanes.

****Post Game****

I’d be super witty right now but I have a girl child burping in my ear and a conversation to boot. Sometimes she’s talented enough to hold an entire conversation with a single belch.
The Tigers came through for me. Ga-Rowl. I’ve got another game to pick for the night to see if I can change that soft, supple “3” into an angular, manly “4”.

On that baritone of a note, I’m looking at yet another NCB game….the Idaho Vandals (Idaho always reminds me of a dirty joke from when I was in middle school) at the San Jose State Spartans. I like Will Ferrell. He was a Spartan cheerleader.

****Post Game****

I might add that Will Ferrell was not a REAL cheerleader.

Sis Boom Bah!
Gave Me A Zero, Didn’t CHA?

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