Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strrrrrrrr-EEEK Two!

The Gee to the ILF took off the rest of January to beat on my other half for a bit. We chose right, we chose very wrong and we had quite the chaotic month. Must be all part of the unusual amount of snow we are getting this winter!

I will admit that I started the streak today only after watching Mate artfully go through his analyzing process. He chose a soccer game, Strasbourg to win or draw over Angers, who was home. And I copied. Then I changed to the other team after doing my own research. Then I figured, NAH!!!!! He has a better soccer average than I do so I switched back. And lost.
I have an empty nest for the first day of February! No cute little peeping numbers to show me that I’m on my way to the win!

I decided to go with the Purdue Boilermakers/Wisconsin Badgers game. At first glance, I wanted to choose the Boilermakers. Because I have no idea what that is. I know that if they have anything to do with boiling water for my morning coffee, they can have my vote every game! Looking closely though, I was swayed by reading the preview of the game. This is the new, Studious Spor-Tay Granmamma. From what I could see, the Badgers so far have not lost a game at home. Neither has Purdue. But the game is at Wisconsin. Lick the envelope, the deal is sealed. I made my choice and I’m sticking to it. Wisconsin, deliver me to my first flame to show light at the end of this month’s tunnel! Will the badger see his shadow??? Or will my streak see the shadow of a trumpet coming out to play Taps?

****Post Game****

Now seeing as Mate did not touch that game, I was pretty unsettled about it. He figured it was too close a call to ante his “1” on. But YAY! I won that one and took a mouse stroll through the roster to see what’s up next. The Vanderbilt Commodores are playing @ Florida Gators. Hmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmm some more and then chalk this one up to Nope, this one is dead. I get no feelings from it. However, the San Antonio Spurs are playing the Portland Trail Blazers. I did run alongside and jump up on the Spur Train. The whole 40-7 vs. Portland’s 25-22 thing was rather intimidating. I know Portland can totally do a David and Goliath but I’m gonna go with what seems to make sense for tonight. Here’s hoping to wake up with a purring and cuddly ‘2’ to start this month right!

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