Saturday, February 5, 2011

Follow the Bouncing Ball

The man is sweet nothing-ing his hound right now while I gaze lovingly at my rebound ‘1’.

It appears that the only game I would even start to touch begins near 3:05pm. The zillion other games preceding that time all involve divination, tricks and eye of chinchilla. We’ve got some who will make 3 pointers more than who will hop on their big toe whilst reciting “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. We’ve got some wired jaw taco eating contests, and who will win by 2+ goals while churning butter. I hate these and I’m not good at them. Hence, a good and unsportsman-like reason as to why I don’t like them.

So I took a chance because I really didn’t want to wait until 3pm to make a pick.

This is where the Grasshopper learns about patience. I chose that Xavier would win by double digits. Because 97.7% of folks also thought so. Baaaaaaaaaaaa. I copied. And this is where the Grasshopper learns that impatience is the mudslide to losing the building block of a streak.

Ok so I lost that one to a differential of 8 points…single digits. I’ve got a single digit for ya.

I’m going to check out the double Wisconsin game. Green Bay Phoenix vs the Milwaukee Panthers. Neither of them are really getting any excitement out of me but I want to belong in the world of cyber gambling! I decided eventually to go with the Milwaukee Panthers since they won their last three games, and they’re home. Actually, that’s sort of a fib. I decided to choose them when I thought they were on the road. The home thing was a plus. The and preview tab is sponsored today by Mysteries. Because they leave you wondering with no clues. We are Sans Preview report today.

****Post Game****

Hells Yay! A One!

Next I’m looking at a tough choice. Mississippi Rebels are playing @ Arkansas Razorbacks. I checked for a preview (none), the home/road stats, the stats for the season against other teams and the basic rebound/assists/field goat pct/PPG stats. The thing that finally helped me sway in one direction or another was that last choice. It appears that the Rebels have better standings. That and only 3.6% of Streakers chose them. Deal sealed. I still have 8 minutes Dougie Fresh, to change my mind. Mah mah Mind, mind.

****Post Game****

A number of beers later I am grateful that I am 100 lbs with good cholesterol. And happy to say that I’ve gotten myself into that elite club known as 3.8%. I chose Mississippi and there it is…they won. I learned how to spell Mississippi as a child through one of those Bouncing Ball cartoons that were on after school. I’ve tried googling it for this post but like a win for me in the soccer games…it is elusive.

So for the next game I noticed the Chicago Bulls are playing at the Golden State Warriors. This one is pretty excorcist ugly to me because 1% only, chose GSW. Do you realize how tempting it is to be a part of that 1%? I loves me a minority! But after looking, I decide to go with the Bulls. I know everyone’s got something to lose, but the Bulls have a winning streak of 6. I figure they want to protect that. So with that incredibly Un-Savvy methodology, I’m off to hopefully win a game, finish this Erdinger and coax a honey into exposing his best birthday suit.

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