Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhogs and Bulls and Clippers..Oh My!

Streak Start: Barbed wire Zero.

And I’m glad that I didn’t choose that groundhog option for extra special weight to lower my IQ further. Mate says it was so easy it is ridiculous since he figured there is no sun out for Mr. Hog to see his shadow.

This is where the female mind gets itself into trouble. I figured….with all this crazy weather, there has to be more winter. And then…shadow? It’ll be on stage and there may be lights so there could be a shadow, sans ball of fire in the sky. If this was 1819, I would have gotten it right without all these crazy loophole ways of thinking!

What I saw was two men passing the stunned groundhog back and forth in a well dressed and slow game of hot potato. Anyhoo, Badgers 1, Groundhog, 0.

So why am I gravitating toward a soccer game? Because I’m stubborn. Because I love bad relationships. Soccer don’t do right by me 50% of the time. Soccer doesn’t understand what I need, (a win) and therefore, the female rescue agent in me will continue to court it even when I say that I won’t.

I chose the Le Mans/AS Nancy Lorraine game. Le win? Mais Non! Nancy Lorraine was home putting on her makeup and drew the game simply because I chose the Win option. Thanks to hell Nanc. Thanks.

The Mate and I both wanted to dip our toes into the Baylor Bears @ Oklahoma Sooners game. We both desperately wanted to take the Bears. Which I started to. But there was something in those stats that made me switch to Oklahoma. I’m guessing that I started looking at who plays better home vs who pulls out the blue cheese on the road. Comparatively speaking of course. At the start of the game I was fairly sure that I was going to lose. Partly because when Mate, the Almighty Vat of Knowledge when it comes to sports, heard that I took the Sooners, he gave one of those subtle changes of energy that tell me it isn’t a pick he would have made. I made mention that I did end up going with a very small percentage of folks…6.4% to be exact, and he brushed me off as trying to be in the minority for the sake of the theoretical flip off. Now, I will say that yes, I do enjoy being in the minority. But only if I believe I can win. I will not choose a team that I don’t think will win just for the sake of being different. Unless it’s Texas in most forms. I mentioned that I chose them because I believed they could win. And with that, Mate gave one of those smiles that say, sure, whatever, and slinked out the door to shovel.
It’s wasn’t really such a horrible moment to let him know that the Sooners won. Later!

More basketball. Virginia Tech Hokies @ NC State Wolfpack. I did choose the Wolfpack, who were home. But there was something about it that didn’t stick. I really need to document these things in the moment because Hotpants Granny can’t seem to let these things stick in her mind. Again, something about who does what where and who has what to lose. I switched to Virigina Tech and thankfully, they came through.

The time came to choose the late night game and I have a snuggly 2 to work with. It looked simple to go ahead and choose the Vancouver Canucks @ Phoenix Coyotes but after watching High School Musical 2 for the 3rd time today, I arrived at the mouse a moment too late to pick. I would have chosen the Canucks. Time forced me to forge ahead.

Chicago Bulls are scuffing floors at the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls seem to have a much better run this season in general. Again, I chose and then swapped. I took the Bulls. Then I read the preview. I read it twice and apparently didn’t really read it the first time. What I read lead to my choice in team. I took the Clippers. And then proceeded to lose. So while I cashed in my well earned minority pick for another zero. I'll have this one dipped in coffee tomorrow morning while I figure out my next pick.

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