Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pee Wee Streakman

Streak Start: Deux! Or should I say, Dos?

I am now inspired after hearing Crazy Train by Metalachi to check out their version of Master of Puppets by Metallica. Who’da thought?

Texas done good by me and I‘preciate it.

I will not waste this gracious positive number two (and really, who doesn’t appreciate a good number two?) on a soccer game that I hardly know.

Instead I’ll let it throw itself at another hockey game. I had to wait all the way until 7:35pm to have a game in progress! But this is good, keeps me out of trouble whilst I tend to my dayjob.
Now I am usually good at choosing the hockey games. Usually means most of the time. Tonight is that other indefinable piece of time that isn’t under the ‘most’ umbrella. I chose the Tampa Bay Lightening to win at home….lounging in their backyards, tin foil under their chin for tans….iced drinks. Ah, but not to be. The Washington Capitals came through and even right now as I am typing, are shaming the Lightning out of holding their own hockey sticks. Every time I click onto the webpage to check on how many threads are still possibly holding on to my streak, I see that the Capitals have basically hired Godzilla to kick the Lightning off the entire rink and are just making shots whenever they feel like it.

So within no time, ESPN has the red banner up there all glaring and angry with me. If I had won they woudn’t have updated my color status that quickly!!!

Now it’s time for the random pick since my streak did just that out the door. At least I feel important today because my daughter asked my opinion on baby bathtubs…..hammock included.

So out of laziness and the impatience of tequila, I choose the last game on the board for tonight. Will Denver win against Utah Jazz by double digits? Or will they either win by single digits or lose altogether? The majority took Single Digit so Tequila says Go for It. Click.

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