Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas? Mariachi metal?

Streak is starting off rotund and happy. Zay-Ro.

Tried to focus while I heard a mariachi band cover Crazy Train with horns and kept one ear out for bells being played since that’s what the youngin’ is supposed to be doing.

The preview tells me that Dallas has been playing hide and keep hiding with a win lately. It also tells me that this dude Tim Thomas is pretty dominant in his play. I do see that the stats for home and road aren’t anything that stand out to me but since I used to own one of these Boston Bruins long sleeved shirts where the color was faded, I choose the Bruins. I didn’t actually buy the shirt…it was my boyfriend’s when I was 22 and so, I ganked it from him and hung on to it for quite some time until some other boyfriend ganked it from me. Such is the circle of recycling.

****Post Game****

The Bruins came through. I will admit my mind got a bit overly happy when I saw that the Bruins already had a 4 point lead early on. When I checked back later, Dallas had brought their score up by 3 points. Ooops. Not so confident NOW, are we Granny???

All in all, I won this one. Yeah!

So next I feel déjà-vu. The Spurs and Lakers. Again. Didn’t I just deal with this game recently? It just feels that way.

They both look great but I am going against my Texas rule just for this one. You see how it is, Guys? Women can’t be trusted to do anything except be subject to changing their minds from moment to moment.

Ok Texas, don’t fail my whimsical ways!

Please enjoy the Metalachi!

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