Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Devil Jumped outta Georgia

Streak starts: 1

I woke up and was informed by mate that my team won last night. For purposes of winning the streak, “my team” only applies as long as the box is checked with their name in it. Once the game is over and a new box with another team is check-marked, they are no longer “my team”. After all the Woe Is Me drama that I left off with last night. I guess it worked!

I worked from home today, in the aftermath of travel strander of a snowstorm. I thought this might give me slight lee-way for research but a) the first game didn’t start until 3pm, near the time that I would be stopping work and b) it is a beloved (NOT) Soccer game. With my normal self imposed rules I should have taken this one. I only had a one to lose. But my mind and soul are coming from sports depravity now….I’m gonna white-knuckle that one into a two. I will die by the sword, not some silly drunken slipped on a banana peel charade.

And besides that, after checking out both teams, ….no feeling either way…end of month so the chance of a streak against Arnie's Army is about the same as me eating roasted balloons for dinner. I shouldn’t care … like a sloppy drunk who falls and wants to be sure that her lipstick didn’t smear even though her butt was on display for everyone. There’s just no shame.

So eventually I took the Air Force college football game vs. Georgia Tech. I figured, it’s the Air Force…of course they have to win. Right? I know nothing about the military or football so you can see where this game might have gone. I checked diligently on the scoreboard but it was like watching paint dry. What a slow moving points game. I’d never want to get stuck behind this game in traffic. I’d tear my Non-Gray Granny hair out. All is forgiven though as the Air Force comes through like the manly men that I assumed they were.

I was really hoping to take the Dallas Mavericks vs the OC Thunder. This is my recurrent Texas issue. I wanted to be slightly miffed that the last game went merely three minutes beyond the cutoff of choosing my pick but I’d gotten it right. Briefly.

BECAUSE I missed the cut off for what would have won me another rung up the ladder, I ended up choosing the game that I’d have preferred to be a Streak spectator for. New Orleans, who I rather like, was the invited guest to the Atlanta Falcons par-TAY. Tough choice as I really wanted to go with the Gold. However, I also saw that Atlanta seemed to be the Wise Guru at the top of the Home Mountain. Undefeated for the entire season. Well, of course they wouldn’t put that on the line, n’est-ce pas?

Not without a teaser of a fight they wouldn’t. And not without an almost 12 year old talking incessantly through the writing of the last three paragraphs. Gotta go buy me an infusion of Gramma patience because Mamma patience seems to have a hold in the knee, dear Liza, dear Liza.

I’ll have to get my Wii golf game on target before critiquing these hard working boys in spandex.
I hope this Zero is a size 5 finger. It seems that I’ve been married to it for a good part of this month.

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