Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Merry Farking Ho!

Today’s lack of streaking is due to a couple of factors. Some weighing more heavily than others. You decide which one keeps the small side of the seesaw up. You won’t win anything except feed for the Ego in being Correct! Just like picks!

With the possibility of all games today, ESPN didn’t have anything to choose from until 7pm. GASP!!!! For reals y’all??? But yeah. 4 Reals.

I’d have prepped for that first pick that I could have made but I was severely sidetracked by a game of Tug of War between two cranks. My mate being one of them. The middle was marked by Who Is More Wrong In This Argument. No one usually wins this and dang it, I’m supposed to know how to put on my cape and tights and fend off such unwanted stank ass crap since Grandmas know everything. I seriously need the Grandma Know It All For Dummies because I have a serious learning curve to jump on being in the younger set.

So I wasted a lot of time today on fighting, avoidance of Mate to avoid more silly exchanges and throw in some yoga.

By the time I could choose for the 7pm game of St. Louis Billikens vs Mississippi Rebels, it was nearly 7:30. I suppose being on a separate floor of the house to avoid a tussle with Mate would be classified as this current block of Time Wasting.

At 7:55 I realized that I could be choosing a game for 8:05pm!! Another geyser of argument was starting when there was a knock on the door. The landlady. With gifts. A bucket of water thrown on that fight. On the way down the stairs I looked at the majority for Tulsa vs. Hawaii with their sick and twisted pick of 199 Passing Yards or Fewer vs More and went Majority. Click….walk down to greet landlady bearing gifts from Chinatown. Admittingly, this was a lazy and desperate pick since Copy Karma got me for taking mate’s last pick last night and being rewarded with Zero for choosing the losing side.

So here’s to a case of the Christmas Eve F*ck It’s! I’m going to have a glass of wine from 2001 and eat Santa’s cookies.

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