Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drop That Zero and Get Me a Hero (with cheese and onions please)

Getting ready to pick since I know time is approaching. I don’t even need to look at the clock. The BrewBot commercial is played like clockwork, every few moments. In fact I think we should get rid of the clock altogether and base time frames on the presence or absence of BrewBot commercials.

I’m rolling out of bed, entangled in last night’s Zero. That’s 3 bad picks in a row. What will my new grandchild think? I’ve got to build a reputation to keep!

This is one of those days where soccer is as good as choosing nothing at all. Kavala is cleating up turf at Atromitos Athens for the 5th round in the Greek Cup. I am tempted to choose the Win or Draw option. I’ve never seen so many artists in sports with all the drawing they do in soccer.

My shameful losing streak is currently wearing the skimpiest of fig leaves and trying to dash behind a dandelion for coverup. Prematurely, I’ve check off Kavala because they come with a Draw Prenup. I like. However, yesterday I had my arse handed to me courtesy of Everton, who I thought would do anything but win. When I attempt to check Kavala’s website, I forget the possibility of it not being in a language that I can even attempt to pronounce. I observe the shapes that are Greek words, make a mild attempt to understand and then close the window.
Going to the Atromitos FC site and finding an English option, I see that they are #12 in a list that also places Kavala a few rungs up at #5. And unless I read that this is the list of biggest losers, I have to assume that Kavala might have a better current standing. Keeping the pick and ecstatic that I am not placing a 14 streak on this game. Blech. Soccer.

***Post Game***
I’m getting rather comfortable with these bland red bars on my ESPN page. The zero stares back at me pleadingly, like a homeless animal on my doorstep. It doesn’t have anywhere to go. I explain to it that ESPN has thousands of awesome homes to visit and that we need a little space from each other.

Sigh. It’s hard to break up with a Stalker.

For the next game I figured that to go along with the whole holiday season mentality, I would choose for bygones to be bygones with Texas. For tonight only. The Dallas Mavericks will be at Orlando Magic. There are some stats that lean in Dallas’s direction, but really, I saw a number of teams that Dallas washed the floor with that Orlando didn’t and that factored in. Plus, I ‘m just already feeling the staleness of this losing streak and am going into desperation mode.

***Post Game***
I decided to get off the computer for a bit and be a mom. So I hung out with my 11 yr old and hid from the scoreboard of this one. A watched pot doesn’t boil and Texas knows how undedicated I am. I left the room with the score tie. When I got back after watching a few moments of A Christmas Story while a Poofy White Cat kneaded the white off my skin, I found that Texas and I….we’d made a backroom deal. Texas is now the date that I get down and dirty with only to snub him in public when the game is over. He’s the Embarrassing Hook Up When You’re Desperate guy. But tonight I would totally hold hands in a public movie theatre.
That being done, I was gifted a brand spanking new (after 4 losses) “1”.

My last game for tonight is the Golden State Warriors in the home of the Sacramento Kings. Cough…cough. I don’t know how forgiving I’m feeling after last night’s egg with the Warriors. After looking at both sets of stats and realizing that all the red ‘L’s on each’s scoreboard could be joined from here to Jupiter, I decided to give Golden State a call back. Let’s try again. Maybe the lunar eclipse had spooked them last night.

Hey! My game starts in 6 minutes! Time to go start a hot bath and birth some Hope!

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