Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Merry and Streak!

Hope everyone was imbibed with the best of the best yesterday for Christmas! The best hard liquor, the best wine, the best chocolate, hot dinner, and memories.

As you might know, Streak for the Cash yesterday was a bunch of Sports Fan choices, i.e. leaving young Grammy out of the cerebral loop. My game plan was left to the die hard methods of Flip a Coin, copy the majority, copy the mate or take a look at the photos of the opposing two men (in questions such as who will score more points in the nth quarter on the moon during the 11th hour while balancing a tray of twinkies on their third eye?) and see in the first few seconds, which one appeared to look like the winner. Is he sorta edgy looking? Will a edgy face score more than a smile that a grandma can love?

My first pick of the game was at noon right before leaving the house to go a-visiting. The dilemma was the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose vs NY Knicks Amare Stoudemire blah blah blah. That was my problem. Right there I saw Stoudemire’s name and due to consistent name dropping by TV and the mate, immediately checked it off. If I had been hanging from a cliff, I’d have checked it off as a sure bet. And immediately would have plunged to my demise. First pick of the day was incorrect.

My mother has a record breaking slow computer. We figured it would take us at least 20 minutes each to check a box. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Another Bulls @ Knicks pick - will a 3 pt basket be made in last 2 min of 2nd quarter? In my inexperienced young grammy brain, I figured yeah, of course it will be! I might as well have been drunk by now….another wrong pick.

By this time I was safely sure that neither mate nor I (we’d chosen exactly the same for both losing picks) were going to win the special Christmas Day streak for $10K. Ok, time to work on just having a good month then. And luckily, I went with the minority school of thought for the next game.

I finally must have brushed against a 4 leaf clover field on my way out of mom’s house because I did guess (and I use that term whole heartedly) correctly that Celtics’ combo Allen & Pierce would score more 3 quarter points than Magic’s superhero duo of Howard & Nelson. I’d love to say that I was drunk because I don’t really remember thinking about that pick but I’m going to have to go with the fact that the majority chose it and that’s probably what I did. A losing streak of 2 will break you down to desperate measures.

My next pick at 6:46pm was my favorite. Who will score more points in the 2nd half of the Miami Heat vs LA Lakers game – LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? I had to go with LeBron. After all, if he’s good enough to be mentioned in the High School Musical movies, he’s good enough for my streaking habit. I’ve HEARD things about Kobe Bryant. But I went with the 35.4% minority that was LeBron James and DINGDINGDING! Thanks for the love, LeBron.

This game is like a yo-yo diet though. I ended up gorging at the 10:47pm table. Would Aldridge of the Portland Blazers score more points in the 1st quarter than M. Ellis of Golden State Warriors? I’m starting to have that forgiving type relationship with GS. They’ve helped me gain, they’ve helped me purge the evil ascension of numbers. I took them. I don’t hate them yet. Plus I like their blue and yellow circular logo….I can find them easily on everyone’s play schedules. It’s just so Fisher Price. They did cause me to purge however – even with me checking the PPG statuses. I don’t hate them just yet. I think we can still carry on a bit.

And why is that? How can I still picture GS and I still holding hands in the field dancing in a slow motion maniacal blue circle? Because I chose them again in my last pick of the night….oh wait. I lie. I shouted over to mate from the fireplace at that point as I read a book. “I’ll have what you’re having!” So really I just got tired of being cold and wouldn't leave the blazing logs. Being lazy is how I won. I really am going to order those waistband jean pajamas. The grounds for thinking that a 3 point basket would be made in the last 2 minutes of the second quarter? I think for the most part if there is ever a 3 point question, we’re always going to choose yes. I’m no expert but who isn’t going to try for a 3 pointer?

Having a streak of the most basic building blocks – One – is nice. But gets boring. Tired of eating at this diner on a daily basis. I do love the fancy dishes and hot drinks that the 13’s and 14’s offered me once. But alas, I will change that. I WILL pass THROUGH 13 and 14 to gain a bigger streak next month! You’ll see! You’ll ALL SEE!

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