Monday, December 20, 2010

No One Wants to be Number Two

Well to avoid a cliffhanger from yesterday, I’ll mention first that the Colorado Avalanche done me good last night. I went to bed with a “2” for my streak.

Thankfully today there aren’t any games until 3pm. I’m at work and I’m buried in virtual papers. Since we’re speaking virtual, let’s say there is a Redwood forest that multiplied like rabbits. Then turned into sheets of paper. You’ll find me under there.

It’s getting close…only an hour to go and I have not researched a thing yet.

Damn job. What a joykill.

I see soccer. AH! My eyes!!!! No!!

But if I want to stretch my steak sooner than 7pm (note the positivity of the streak INCREASING in this sentence) then soccer game it might have to be. This is the sick cycle of addiction on a pretty regular basis. Either Addiction or else it is the desperate BC that awaits The Call. If I’m doing pretty well, I usually won’t touch soccer. If I’m desperate to streak higher, I’ll tuck my tail down and drunk dial a soccer game.

Today we have Manchester City at home, entertaining for tea and crushed bones, Everton.
Since I’m at work, my research is going to be a bit shoddy. When I’m home I can tie up my mate and child until I have made a clear choice. Here…well, subjected to the rules of Podville. In a flash, I’ve noticed my hand comfortably taking the mouse and clicking HOME – MANCHESTER CITY. AH! Why?! It was so automatic! It was a smooth criminal, right under my very eyes.

Everton appears to draw nicely when having play dates in other fields. They also have lost pretty nicely here and there. That’s my first thought. Manchester City draws or wins pretty regularly. A draw today isn’t going to help me do anything except suck a zero again after yesterday’s Texan Cowpie Party at Tennessee.

One other thing I noticed….in scanning the news for Everton I saw the word ‘negativity’ and a phrase that read “the team have to focus on their own troubles”. Um…..coupled with Carlos “10 Goals so Far” Teves’ change of heart to stop trying to scratch and claw his way out of Manchester City’s box, I think I’ll choose Manchester City.

***Post Game – Peeeee You. Is that the scent of my last pick? Before I put on this shade of Loser Lipstick and pucker up for the Zero Suck, I’ve found about 20 minutes until the next game starts so time to research. I’ve got my eyes on the Illinois State Redbirds vs hometeam NC-Wilmington Seahawks. About 10% have sided with NC and after checking out stats, I don’t see that they’d lie down like speed-bumps and take an easy loss. They’ve won every home game and the Redbirds scorechart for the only Away play has been brought to you by the letter L.

Let’s hope they find my “1” walking close by and that it doesn’t get too far down the road!

***Post Game – Just when I thought I was at the Earth’s Core of all Stank. Try again. My mate had chosen the same game, for all kinds of Guy Reasons. Apparently with all our fabulous reasoning, we forgot about the Lose by 2 Points factor. Applying lip liner to go with the lipstick now. Sucking a lemon before doing a Zero Shot. My precious Starter 1 needs Cialis in order to stand tall.

Can I get rid of these two Red bars of Shame on my pick page?

Houston Rockets vs the Golden State Warriors. We already know how I feel about Houston. I’m so beyond caring today now with a double ZE-ROW that I might chose against Houston without even doing the research. Because clearly, research makes my butt look big.

Well guess what. Warriors…..come out and Playyyyyyyyyyyyy! And play well! I’m so done with Texas. For today anyway. Just like soccer. It seems the GS Warriors have lost one, won one to the Rockets. The winning game was home and tonight they’ll be on their own turf again for a 3rd match up.

Til tomorrow! I’m dreaming….of a buff #1.

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