Friday, December 31, 2010

This Streak has Been Brought to you By the letter Yipes!

Streak Start: I fooled around and fell in One….

It’s been a rough night, far from the dreams of a future happy Grammy. Chaos ensues in these parts and members of the household were having a rather cantankerous day yesterday. Possibly because those members had surgery for this morning. There’s something to be said for the value of dust settling and quiet moments.

That’s my disclaimer for all losses today. I don’t have one for the other days but see a real opportunity to capitalize on it today!

The first game is Army vs SMU…another alchemy game with points from field goals vs winning margin. Might as well say something about the combustibility of 2 x 3nth = (pie)5. Skip to my lou and onto the next game in between phone calls from hospital, friends and family. At least I knew better that I couldn’t logically choose this one. Unless I were to go majority. Sometimes the coin flip is the passionate kiss.

Wimp that I am, I’m lucky I can change a baby diaper, should these hands ever have to step up to Grandmotherly duty (So tempted to write Doody). Passing up that pick is just silly seeing as my shots of winning anything this month are slimmer than me chasing an ostrich in a pair of heelies.

The Pinstripe Bowl looks like a a nice refuge. I take the Kansas State Wildcats over Syracuse Orange. Wildcats sound edgier than an orange. I’ve never seen an orange dive out of a bowl and hiss. Plus it seems that Syracuse may be missing some players today for various issues. I feel like a mean grandma, taking a team against one that just had a player go in for removal of a brain tumor, but it’s the streak. And I know I won’t have another 14 by tomorrow but the compassionate vote alone might not help.

I thought about choosing for Mate today while he’s in recovery, waiting for approval to leave. But his streak is currently a three and I really don’t want to be responsible for getting it drunk and letting it wander into traffic.

Not only that, but he's being a total fang filled rabid animal to me so I'll let him lose his three all on his own.

****Post Game****

Choosing compassionate would have allowed me a vision of what other numbers look like over "1". However, in between running out to find refuge in a bookstore and dealing with a mad man who thinks that his mother and I were attempting to attack him with bad posture, I had to reach into that basket of F*ck Its and allow tonight to be just that.

The day ends with a barbed wire zero.

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