Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Titles are For Overachievers

Ahhh…the sweet smell of ascension brewing in the air. “2” and I have met before. Nice to shake that clingy, cranky, blank Zero for now. Hopefully I didn’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind me.

Golden State Warriors apparently wanted my affections back and chivalry won out. They won. Just for me obviously.

This morning, as my stomach growls and I run a work program, I take a quick look at the first game.

I don’t know why I think it’s magically going to be an easy NBA game everytime I check. Of course it’s soccer. It’s like morning breath. It’s present and one way or another it will go away. Sigh. Do I want to spend my 2 at the Soccer vendor? I say out loud “no way”. And then compulsively click on both teams to see. You know, just in case.

Olympiakos’ information opens nicely for me, if not a brutal red color dominating the site for an eye slap.

I may have to ignore this game. Any page that bounces off our firewall is probably a sign for me to turn around before entering the forest of hungry, heartless banshees. Asteras Tripolis is not willing to give me any info unless I want to go the extra distance of website hoop jumping and do some real research. Which I don’t.

Lazy? Nah! Just have to keep up the good work here at the job! I have teddy bears, onesies and baby’s first Winnie the Pooh books to buy for the grandchild who is currently baking. A Starbucks paycheck might not hold up as well as the one I get here.

If I still needed to create a streak, I’d take this game. But because I’ve watched my Empire of 14 crumble into a losing streak of 4, I’m going to be a teensy bit cautious. This game is a predator, trying to steal my 2 with its insistence of attention mongering. If I don’t further research it, it won’t tell me who it really is.

High maintenance pick + Job = Forget it.

Instead, I’ll enjoy the breakfast potluck here at work. Everyone is walking around with just one crumb on their lip or under their nose. I’ll join the herd. Baaaaaaaaa. (If this were a pick I’d be tempted to starve, just to be down with the Underdog!).

*****Much Later After Consuming Cookies to the Nth Power****

Things that I did instead of choosing another pick:
*Ate things that other co-workers brought in. Something by the name of Monkey Bread. I will marry it someday when it’s legal to exchange vows with a pastry. I dropped hints at the chef that I’d pay her to make more.

*Laughed a lot. This is important when playing Streak for the Cash. If you aren’t laughing a lot, you are probably messing with your chances of winning. Actually, I’ve no proof of that but laughing will get you through those cold nights when snuggling with Zero.

*Laughed then calmed down. Then burst out again. You know that type of laugh. The kind where you burst out and finally calm down….only to dwell on the replay button in your head and burst out again. It incites others to ask What the Hell is So Funny? This was caused by my darling beautiful daughter (who currently houses my GrandFetus) emailing me with today’s vile pregnancy symptoms. I will spare her dignity by not repeating but will thank her for being such a good sport and sharing anyway at least with me.

*Hosted my weekly online radio show, Scorpion Equinox while the fireplace blazed and a hot cup of coffee was had. Nice!

As soon as the show was over I had a few moments to check out the next pick….the one I’d been waiting for all days since I wasn’t going to take any of those fancy ones that involved point spreads. The only spreads I like go on food. Emeril’s horseradish mustard is an excellent case in point.

So in my rush, I went with Oklahoma City Thunder vs New York Knicks. And maybe I was still feeling a bit smug about The Heat beating the Knicks last week – right in their own front yard! So I figured, Oklahoma City looked pretty good. Mostly because the Knicks skidmark down the stats sheet lately looked rather discouraging. But then again, maybe they’d have rested well, kicked some old ladies and got their mojo back! I chose Oklahoma City. And then found out that Mate chose the Knicks. He thinks I chose against him on purpose but HA! He is wrong. What might not have been wrong was HIS pick. I’m still watching this one while chewing on fingernail stew. Sheesh…someone stole Oklahoma City’s Thunder!

That would have to be my last move of the night since there are no more straight up picks.
My mate sits down next to me and checks out the remaining questions and researches.
I let him know that for a One Time Only deal, he gets to choose a pick and I’ll copy him! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Now in order to avoid curling up in the center of a Zero for tonight, I copied with all my might and chose Gonzaga’s Winning Margin to be higher than Xavier’s 3 Pointers Made. I might as well have just read a Chilton guide for Pinto’s because I have no idea what any of that means. Hopefully my intuition is hiding somewhere in the winning margin and Gonzaga will unearth it to start my day tomorrow with an actual number instead of a hope, wish and a prayer for one.

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