Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a Lyger. It's Probably My Favorite Animal.

Streak start: A big Whopping bowl of Nil.

OMG, I’m waking up with my hair so dirty it has a parental advisory label on it.
I’m pretty sure that I woke up just late enough not to choose the soccer game. Instead I have to wait until 6:35pm for a game. Darn. You mean I’m going to waste two perfectly good opportunities to keep my zero?

For the Champs Sports Bowl, I’m going with the West Virginia Wolverines as they trapse down over to North Carolina. I’m choosing wolverines for the Napoleon Dynamite reference. (I was in Alaska hunting wolverines with my uncle!). And they’re home. And the minority factor at the time of choosing. And I’m running to Borders with giftcards - Whoop! That'll render me drunk with happy! Game who?

***Post Game***
I was just kidding with my West Virginia pick. Let me try again.

Enter into my life, the Insight Bowl. Missouri Tigers vs the Iowa Hawkeyes. I’ve seen the home page of ESPN before….with the one pick under the Streak for the Cash banner. I’ve never made a pick from here. I was just curious…like a puppy chasing a butterly. A very What Will Happen If I just pick it kind of thing. A self dare, if you will. Check. Hee hee…I like tigers.

***Post Game***

Have I mentioned the dive in my college bowl pick stocks? Do not let me handle your Pick Portfolio. I’ll touch the edge and it will consume itself into ash.

Another flip of the coin gone wrong. Coin has committed cash suicide down a sewage drain. Bah!

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