Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Job

Game Day Start: 1

My first game is college basketball. The Richmond Spiders vs the Seton Hall Pirates. Ooo….I like spiders. And pirates. But the spider logo seems more chic than the Pirates and after checking in with my ESPN library, I decide to go with the visiting Spiders. Mate says in That Tone, “Really?” That tone that says, “Listen little lady, you’re clearly not taking this STREAK thing seriously. Anyone, even the dust of your grandmother in the box downstairs, would clearly not choose the Spiders.”

To be fair, he said none of that. Except the “really” part. But that’s what my secret Sports Addict Mate Decoder tells me.

Thankfully, my spidey senses were programmed in today, so I collected my 2 and moved on. But what for?

I might be sorry I did this but I chose the Raiders over the Colts. Why? Because they aren’t doing fabulous but they did beat Denver last week. I’ll wait until you Not Broncos Fans finish laughing.

I understand that it was like outrunning a 3 month old. I get that the Broncos aren’t having a stellar season. Ok..a really horrible losing streak – they have nearly as many L’s as letters in the alphabet. And as I watch the scores (because I’m certainly not watching the game – Mate has Green Bay and the Giants on right now) I see that while my pick was not a bad one, it is not going to add any weight to my streak. As my streak starves with a scarlet red banner that tells all within sight of my computer that the Raiders lost, I seek out the next game.

But wait, what’s this? The Vikings/Eagles game has been postponed! Our Nor’easter has scared away the pads, helmets , fans and picks for this game. It is indeed a late Christmas gift from the heavens. And that’s one cool thing that will be great about going to Gramma’s house someday….she has a snow climate! My darling daughter and her adorable man currently reside in the part of Arizona that sees no snow.

The last game of tonight for me is going to be gently placed, like a diamond, with Florida International vs Toledo at the Little Cesar’s Pizza Bowl in Detroit, MI. Holy cold….I hear it’s colder out there than here in NY. Brrrrr…..I’m wondering if I were to watch that game, I’d see people freezing mid punt. It’s possible that I might not be able to make a well informed and focused decision. The dog, who is not neutered, is enjoying a late dinner snack of his own sack and is snorting, whining and making choking noises as I do my research. But I have a zero so all he can do is keep me here in the loud circle of incessant licking. I was just told that our conversation across the room is too loud, but the snorting and repetitive licking right next to Sensitive Ears is apparently immune to gross, wet noises.

Only 8.2% of people are choosing Florida International Golden Panthers. I’m gonna go with that. Because I like cats. And because with most of my picks, I just don’t see why not.
At least until we get to the 2nd quarter and I take a peek and see that my team seems to think the number 7 looks hot on them while Toledo is sparkling in a 21. Ack. I should have known better since the pregame write up was nearly having a love affair with Toledo in mind.

The thrill of the underdog though. 8.2% attracts me. But you think that QUOTE “Toledo has won eight of its last 10 bowl games” UnQUOTE would be an asteroid of a clue for me to shun the 8.2 generation. Mate tells me that it’s a college game. They can still do plenty. Fine. Going to bed with a Zero. No, no, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve learned how to spoon the rotund.

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